Churches and Temples in Portugal

22 Dec


On the road again, this time to Portugal. I have an epic trip planned- hitting up Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco and Spain.

Portugal is a pleasant surprise. We saw many churches, monasteries, fortresses and castles. If I came here during my Disney kid phase, I’d turn cartwheels. All the stuff I’ve read about in fairy tales have materialized in 3D.

Here is a shot of a convent of the knights Templar. Pretty sprawling and impressive building.


A Celtic Druid.


A 1,000 year old Moorish castle and it’s Village. More adventures await us tomorrow as we snake our way to the highest point of Portugal.




Photo week: God of Matchmaking in Arashiyama, Japan

1 Dec
The god of matchmaking. I joked that the reason why his eyes are covered with long hair because he is showing all the men that all they have to do is cover their eyes for match making

The god of matchmaking. We found this figure outside a shop in Arashiyama, Kyoto. I joked that the reason why his eyes are covered with long hair is so he won’t see his bride to be. 

Baseball in Japan is an Experience

24 Nov

I’ve never quite enjoyed a baseball game. Coming from the Philippines, it was never a popular sport and I didn’t understand it. Dating Mr Z who is a lover of baseball, I decided I’d try to get the hang of the bats, umpires, first and fourth innings. After watching two games, I was still scratching my head. I’d never understand what the big allure of baseball was.

Until Japan.

Japan was a ball changer.

The fans/spectators played a major part of Japanese baseball. We just didn’t cheer. We sing and we even do choreography.


Fans dress outrageously


We watched the Hanshin Tigers from Osaka. When it was the Tigers turn to bat, a guy climbed on a box and faced the audience. He started shouting like he was a captain. Suddenly, flags rose and drums and horns started playing. Fans lifted their paraphernalia (see below) and everyone went wild.

Fans get ready

“Let’s go!” Fans get ready


There was a choreographed cheering, singing and shouting like never before. We were the whole cheering squad and if you don’t know the chants and songs…. well, you were bound to know now.

In the seventh inning, everyone got out and blew their balloons.

Get ready

Get ready



and let them go to the sky



The audience holds their breath

In the end, the Hanshin Tigers won against DNA. It was a close race too. I didn’t think the Tigers would score at the last inning but they did.

There was such a cheering and crying as never before.

We won! (check out the Japanese guy with the pin)

Japan has spoiled me. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a regular non Japanese baseball game again.






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