New Year’s Resolutions Destroyed

Instead of making a futile attempt of at least sticking to a NYR, I found myself this year destroying my last New Year’s resolutions that I’ve worked so hard to accomplish. And it merely took a few lapses. 

 1. Early Riser and Sleeper 

What took six months to achieve took one late night to destroy. I had been starting to love the idea of getting up at 5 a.m. and going to bed at 9:45 p.m. A few more late night concerts and anime T.V. marathons last December and I was back to greeting the sun at 9 in the morning . 

 2. Being on time 

I guess with often having a guilty start early in the day, this was bound to get affected. I believe #1 and #2 share a loving relationship and complement each other (this is in my case.). This week, I realized I was back to my nasty habit of being late for one hour. Yesterday was proof as I arrived an hour late from a meeting and was embarrassed that I was the only one they were waiting for. And so stabbing more guilty needles at myself, my self-esteem takes a nosedive. 

 3. Self-discipline in boob tube watching 

I used to get hooked pretty easily in my favorite channels, their aggressive claws sinking into my consciousness and my active cognitive functions reduced to mundane deadweight -capable of only illuminating thoughts that involve flying kicks, lasers, angst, serpent orgies and flying milk bottles (what exactly am I watching??). I often had the urge to escape to this nonproductive form of procrastination, naturally forgetting what I was supposed to do. Nonetheless, I was able to curb this habit by gradually training myself to watch my shows from 10 to 2 minutes everyday last year. Thinking I was cured, I grew arrogant and (surprise, surprise) slipped. Thus learning a valuable lesson that recovery is easy, maintaining it is not. 

I guess this means that my New Year’s Resolutions for 2006 would be to make a relapse prevention plan to stick to my last year’s NYRs. 


As a consolation, I think the only good habit I was able to stick to last 2005 was washing the dishes after every meal. 


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