The Enemy of Dreams and Ambitions –Procrastination

How many opportunities have been lost due to the giving in of postponing tasks till the last minute? Besides opportunities, there’s your lost dreams, ambitions and almost every important to-do just because you caved in to doing something you knew you shouldn’t do?

I used to be a procrastinator and sometimes I still am. Life wasn’t pretty if you’re often happy go lucky. There would have been so many things you could have achieved if you’ve only exercised some will or have gotten hold of some techniques that could have helped you overcome it.

My friend, Reggie awakened me once again to the sad reality of procrastination with his post on it. He, along with millions of other procrastinators (myself included and perhaps the reader too) are suffering from this elusive hard-to-cure disease.

Luckily, there are some articles that would help you kick procrastination to oblivion. I have found the following most helpful and I’ve used most of the techniques they mentioned. They work.

Procrastination: Learning to Cope by Frank J. Bruno -this is a very useful article from his book on using psychology to combat procrastination. It’s stated in simple terms and its techniques can be applied easily.

Overcoming Procrastination by Steve Pavlina – this is one of the best articles for coping with this menace of productivity in society. Lots of helpful methods plus the famous Timeboxing Method.


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