Manga Review for the Day: The Devil Does Exist Vol. 1

Characters’ academic setting: High School
Synopsis: Saito Kayano has a crush on Kamijo Yuichi but just as she was about to confess to him, newcomer, infamous bully and so called prince of attraction Edogawa Takeru comes along and changes Kayano’s life for the worse. Now she faces the possibility of actually living with the Devil as Takeru’s father, the school principal becomes engaged to Kayano’s mom.

It took a while to get used to Mistsuba Takanashi’s punkish artwork and the dialogue was a bit stilted and awkward at the beginning. It didn’t take long though before the story pulled me and I found myself devouring every page of The Devil Does Exist (guiltily forgetting my to-do list). What I like about this volume is that its story moves in a strong gripping pace and has one central plot throughout so it isn’t episodic. The sequence of events moves fast and gets resolved pretty quickly yet just leaving enough unfinished business that leaves the reader hungry for the next issue.

I just love how Takeru’s hairstyle changes everyday. In contrast to most manga settings, this is the first I’ve seen of high school students not restricted to wearing the prescribed school uniforms. This is also my first taste of Takanashi Mitsuba’s work though I read a review that her later work Crimson Hero is better.

The Devil Does Exist seemed like a cross between Hana Yori Dango (the bully attracted to the female protagonist) and Kare Kano (the convergence of two families except they don’t swap partners). It maintains the perfect balance between teen angst love without going over the top, humor and a little hard edgy quality stamped among its pages.


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