Where’s the Popcorn? Essay

I finally added an essay to my Essays section. Where’s the Popcorn? was printed in a newspaper four years ago so the movies described in it would be stale by now yet the scenarios accompanying them would be timeless.

I wrote this essay for a class of mine whose instructor promised to give us a perfect score for the finals if we got it published. Due to chronic procrastination, my paper didn’t appear in the newspaper till after the semester was over. Anyway, the effort would have been futile if I had did it for that class alone as the instructor failed to live up to her promise. Those of my classmates who got published barely scrapped the passing mark required for our program. So much for that perfect score. At least my friends got a hoot from reading the essay.

This essay is a true account of my mishaps and misadventures inside the theatres. You might even recognize some of the situations written because you’ve encountered them yourself. Actually, some of my relatives said it was worse years ago when there were no security and airconditioning in cinemas. With the cost of motels and no people monitoring the warm theatres, you can imagine what kind of *cough* activities people engage then.

Enjoy the essay: Where’s the Popcorn?


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