Nacho Libre -the New Hero: Saving the World in Tight Sweats

Nacho Libre poster2.jpg

He was wearing a red cape and tight sweats.

My mouth dropped open in dismay as I stared at the picture of Jack Black’s new movie, Nacho Libre . Nooo!, my mind shouted.

I loved Jack Black in Tenacious D, High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, School of Rock and in King Kong. I was really hoping his movies would progress after K.K. and wouldn’t return to the mediocre trash that is O.C.- Orange County (whose author angle was the only interesting thing in it. Colin Hanks and Jack Black displayed waaay better chemistry and acting ability in King Kong). Looking at the goofy superhero-like pose (the cape gave me the impression. Darn it!) in the Nacho Libre picture, I was deathly afraid Mr. Black took a wrong turn somewhere and jumped towards the worse end of films.

I was wrong.

Nacho Libre is a refreshing new comedy quite unlike anything I’ve seen. I was thinking it would be in another Californian setting with a cliched superhero wannabe angle. Not so. It takes place in Mexico and features a Mexican priest, Nacho (Jack Black) who dreams of being a luchador (wrestler) to help raise money for an orphanage. I just love how the setting combines the modern world with the old with none of the flashy technological feel. It puts more emphasis on the past and has a nostalgic touch despite that it’s clear they are living in the present times. My faith in this upcoming film was intensified when I found out its writer was Mike White who wrote the screenplay for School of Rock.

If you want to watch Nacho Libre’s trailer, it can be found in this site or its official site . Below are its unforgettable opening trailer lines.

Nacho (Black) puts on his erm… red briefs, boots and cape. Just as he was about to pull his mask over his face, a young Mexican boy appears at the doorway. Nacho stares at him knowing it is undeniable to deny his secret any longer.

Nacho: (in a deadpan sort of voice) Jancho, when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants…… your room. It’s for fun.



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