Bad Hair Weeks

This event happened last year and I thought it was embarrassing enough to warrant a post! Enjoy! 😀

Lucy, the hairdresser told me the blonde highlights would be great and I believed her. I had giddy thoughts about seeing subtle gold spun threads reflected in my sable tresses. I could barely contain my excitement in the salon. I then prayed fervently that I wouldn’t look like a Barbie doll.

My prayers were answered.

Because I looked like Kurt Cobain.

I did not know they would be the exact same shades as the late grunge vocalist’s. I wanted to turn away from the mirror. It was such a shocking yellow. It was very noticeable. Too noticeable.

When I took a stroll outside for the first time with the new ‘do to accomplish an errand, people stared at me as if I had just escaped from the freak circus. So much for my futile hopes to blend in. The rock afficionados didn’t help either.

“Look! It’s Kurt!”

“Hairs like Teen Spirit!”

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I found myself in a different salon two days after my Big Bird highlight episode. The hairdresser suggested a copper cellophane to soften the yellow and change it to a reddish mahogany. I then fervently prayed that I wouldn’t look like Bozo the clown.

My prayers were answered.

Because now I looked like Marilyn Manson.

This time, people avoided me like I’m someone who walks around wearing a spiked dog collar and slitted dark leather pants in broad daylight. The hardcore and metal music fans reacted the opposite way.

“Yo! Manson!”

They also flashed me this action: Rock sign with tongue out between the raised index and pinkie finger.


Four days later with another different hairdresser and salon, I obstinately insisted on a dark brown dye. I wanted to be safe. No experimenting this time. I then fervently prayed I would not look like a rock star.

My prayers were answered.

Due to the red residue left from the previous red dye and added with the new brown, my hair now resembles the orange top of Archie Andrews.

Siiiiigh. 😥

As of the present moment after waiting for many months for the color to grow out, ksyu has finally dyed her hair light mahogany (and it came out as it should be without any complications) and will stick to this color from here on.


2 thoughts on “Bad Hair Weeks

  1. ksyu says:

    Hmm….excellent suggestion. It would definetely solve all my hair problems. So I shaved off all my hair in this software program where you can preview your ‘do in advance and fervently prayed I won’t look like a rock star, Archie Andrews, Marilyn Manson, Kurt Cobain or any other person for that matter. 

    And it worked.

    Because I looked like a roll-on deodorant. 😮

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