What’s up?

It has been awhile since I've posted. As what usually happens, blogging has lost its novelty once you've already seen your posts published. Then when you see your blog lose traffic momentum or haven't even have much traffic in the first place, your enthusiasm fizzled.Kaput. Done. Over. Finito.

Then you come to a reflection to why you want to have a blog in the first place. There comes clarity. Do you just want to blog for your own pleasure? Or have some sort of 5 seconds worth of fame? I decided to choose the former. This will then be a little private paradise. I can blah, blah all I want without worrying.

Bye checking of blog stats. For-evah!!

Back to business. Have finished reading Snobs. V.g book. The reading group guide at the end was a pleasant surprise. Fellowes has meticulous prose. The man can write! I'm starting to see him as a sort of achiever, what with adding novelist to his growing repertoire of careers which includes actor, screenwriter and director. Must be awfully nice to be in his shoes but from what I learned from Snobs –imagination is often far from reality.


WordPress.com finally allows users to have multiple blogs. Yes! Another blog to enthusiastically start until we feel shackled by it. But I do lurve the exciting prospect of beginning one never mind the slight gray cloud I know hanging in its future execution.


The anime season for me might prove fruitful watching with the hordes of new animes this April. Have watched XXXholic, Ouran High School Host Club and Suzuma Haruhi no Yuutsu. So many kawaii characters, especially the v. beauuutifuuul bishies parodied in Ouran High School Host Club. Must not get my hopes up too high. The second episode might not live to the first *anxiety mounting*. Aiyaiayai.





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