O Ouran, Ouran Where Art Thou Ouran?

Gah! Ouran ep. 4 sub is not out yet. *bites fingernails*

Meanwhile, I am blowing off my steam and my obsession on Ouran High School Host Club just looking it up everyday. Not even repeated watching of Gakuean Heaven or Princess Princess could abate my growing fancraze for this show. I have even succumbed to watching the part 1 of the raw on youtube though I would have wanted desperately to watch it in a better resolution in my pc. But thankfully I have not stumbled into any *psycho theme blaring* spoilers from the manga with exception of an "accidental" slip on a button and I saw a sentence that read *Warning Possible Spoilers*: Brisco Hatori's favorite pairing is Haruhi and Mori. What!! Noooooo *ksyu falls into a deep endless black chasm* And I thought that this show was where all the guys didn't fall in love with one girl a.k.a Fushigi Yuugi.

So I procrastinate scouring google for Prince of Tennis doujinshi especially those with Oishi x Kikumaru pairing (love this couple!). I stumble into a lot of yaoi and shonen-ai sites but still watching Ryoma x Tezuka, Ryoma x Momo fluff pictures could only give me a brief distraction to my constant bird watching for the never to arrive fourth episode.

The good news will be that if Ouran ep 4 isn't available till friday, I would have won a bet with my friend, JB which he'll give me some yaoi episodes and watch them at the same time (be still his vomiting insides). Still…….*wails* that won't be enough for the fourth subbed episode of Ouran!

Some have risen their anxious voices on this and I understand the fansub groups are busy (this is of course out of the labor of their hearts) but I hope they enjoy seeing me hanging by my thumbs on a precarious precipe which I would theatrically tumble down to my quite solitude of death on the sharp rocks below as more days pass by and the fourth episode still hasn't appeared.



One thought on “O Ouran, Ouran Where Art Thou Ouran?

  1. Os says:

    Well. Episode 5 is released as of Saturday, May 6 1 AM Eastern Time… and I know your feeling. I was wondering where 4 was last Thursday.

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