O Ouran You’ve Come Back! But Where Are the Metaphors?

Finally! Episode 4 has been subbed. And I'm in Ouran Heaven.

I watched it yesterday but couldn't stop watching it a couple of more times and sniggering and guffawing all through it.

It's all just a big farce!

Honestly, this episode is the biggest parody of all. I love how Renge added multiple dimensions to their host club personalities. At first I thought, "Okay, this is going somewhere." Then OMG! They're all so stereotypical again!

The movie sequence was so hilarious because it just emphasize their acts albeit in a different medium -behind the camera. So there are no screaming fangirls in the pictures (except for the extras in the basketball scene). The hosts being actors were plainly slapped to the audience for all to see. And the Uki Doki Memorial scene where all the male characters join forces together to battle the mafia really poked fun at Bishonen shows and games. I mean, it plainly depicts how silly these can be. "All Bishies unite, megane, shota, prince…….Let our combined beauty save the world!"

And as for that seriously hawt sexy scene where the twins in a devilish action to tease and daunt Tamaki from his chronic depressed reverie, bit the cookie while Haruhi still held it and licked the crumbs off her cheek really reminded me of those seduction "prelude to the sex scenes" in yaoi manga only a girl is involved this time. I'm thinking this scene alone could spark a doujinshi chain featuring these three as a menage a trois. That's it. I am seriously sweating over those twins. They know their charm and they exploit it.

But where are the ever present metaphors you ask? Did they disappear in episode 4? Where are the whirling teacups, the white kite, the light bulbs? Methinks, they were inserted subtly in the form of Miyabi in the dating sims game.

  1. Miyabi confesses his true love to Renge in the first scene via television and PS3.

Renge is still in otaku dating sim heaven. She's still in that virtual reality world where she can control everything. This is highlighted when she chooses her answer from the choices presented on screen. It only takes a press of the button and presto everything goes her way. And it doesn't help that the virtual character she's swooning over is saying everything that she wants him to say.

2. Renge predicts what Kyouya-sama will say to her when she presents her slightly burnt cookies to him by imagining Miyabi praising her cooking.

She superimposes the faux character Miyabi over the real Kyoya. She refuses to see his true character and tries to establish a sense of control over the real world. Here she straddles the real world and the fantasy world and tries to layer the virtual reality domain over the real world by creating extra personalities for our hosts and filming that awful movie.

3. Finally, Miyabi appears to comfort her as her created of Kyouya's image is shattered (emphasized by the vice-prez smashing of the camera-lol. another metaphor. The camera lens is smashed, the mirror fragments are cracked and Renge can this time see into the real world without that protective window). This time there is no text that appears below Miyabi indicating that this is not a virtual dating sims scene.

Renge's blind faith in her made-up image of Kyouya is shattered as she realized Kyouya is not Miyabi and hence her "world" –the 'reality' she created begins to crumble as people refuses to follow what she wants. Clarity awakens inside her as she realized the lesson behind Haruhi's words that getting to look at people properly and gradually getting to know them is more enjoyable. This is thus, her transition into the real world. In her otaku way, she drifts into a daydream of Miyabi prasing her for 'leveling up' and indeed she has. She has.

By the way, a statement of Haruhi struck me when she said that if you classify people into categories then you won't be able to see what's really important. Isn't this what sums up Ouran High School Host Club? They classify their host personalities into categories but underneath their facade, in moments where no peering fangirl eyes could see, they act totally different (except for Honey and Mori but I expect the anime would add layers to their characters in the succeeding episodes. [did not read the manga]). It also awakens in us the conciousness of how prevalent and cliched categories are through their parodies. This, I think is the important part.















6 thoughts on “O Ouran You’ve Come Back! But Where Are the Metaphors?

  1. jpmeyer says:

    Ooh, I totally didn’t know about the whole cookies scene being framed in the way that BL scenes often are. That’s cool because you can read that scene in two ways, either the yaoi way (like the fangirls) or the straight way (like Tamaki), depending on whatever perspective you bring in.

  2. ksyu says:

    That’s why I love this show. You are free to watch and interpret this in any perspective. It isn’t limited. With the androgynous Haruhi in the center, either way goes although a friend of mine didn’t think so who still sees Haruhi as a guy. πŸ˜‰

  3. Os says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed this. You have a good point with the game-metaphor angle. This one is well hidden -intentional or not-, and going through the episode again in my head, the way these scenes are presented, it makes perfect sense the way you put it. Good call, very good call.

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