Ouran Ep 5: The Twins and Bones’ Continuing Subtle Metaphors

Reflection: Knowing that I was going to write about Episode 5, I actually had a hard time enjoying the viewing of this episode. I usually breeze through Ouran eps but this time found myself uneasy and looking for any material I would use for this post. Has anybody experienced this? Or when you’re writing recaps do you usually say to yourself, “Ok, gotta memorize everything that happened now.”?

Moving on….

I am always partial to twins and Ouran’s Kaoru and Hikaru are no exception. In fact, they are my favorite characters in this series. More so amplified since obsessing reading about them, I discovered that we both share the tendency to get easily bored and the same zodiac sign (Gemini. oh well, duh). But damn them for introducing me to twincest! I am sooo not into incest but I have been tempted to the dark side (groan). In fact I never get tired of their fanservice. Rather I lived for it. One of the reasons I always loved twins, especially identical ones in the anime world (except for those purplies in Gakuen Heaven. Now if they can only be a bit more loving…) and in the real world is because they have often been part of my life and in keeping with the Which one is Hikaru-kun game? or Which twin is which?, remain a constant torture.

In pre-school

Me: Dad!

Twin: I’m your uncle.

In high school

Me: Stephanie!

Twin: I’m Tiffany.

Me: Sorry.

Twin: Haha! I’m Stephanie actually.

In college

Me: Sweet!

Very irritated twin: It’s Honey.

And a memory I want to forget…

Girl A: Oh my god! I just saw your date back there kissing another girl.

Me (in passionate Tamaki fury mode): WHAT?!

Girl A: Oops sorry. Wrong twin.

And besides that, they have never ceased to amaze me. Imagine a person standing two feet away from you and another one who looks exactly like him -a total copy walks by. Isn’t that mind boggling? Since creation, we already have clones. I always feel like I’m in a science fiction movie when I see identical twins.

Anyway, I was very happy that time this ep focused on them and added more subplot and character development. Yay! More screentime for Host Club’s favorite homo twins. It just shows that they aren’t just there just for the sake of being there. I’m glad the series is veering its attention from Haruhi and Tamaki and instead focused on the development of the supporting characters of this series. And by the way, in keeping with the roses parody, I noticed dark roses upon Nekozawa’s arrival. Does that mean he’s a dark bishie?

Most reviewers have wrote that this is one of the funniest episodes of Ouran. I disagree. I actually found it to be a bit sad (the only sad one so far) especially the ending though yes, there were pure comedic performances. It’s just those twins fighting. My heart was slightly breaking when they get into their bouts of altercation. It’s probably those flashback scenes when they were little that did it for me. I really fell for their prank and thought that their unbreakable bond was broken. Fat chance! Grr….

I wasn’t expecting that Hikaru and Kaoru would separate themselves from the world. They have always acted open, mischievous and friendly to almost everyone that seeing them for once serious, sad and completely isolated threw me off track. Then I realized we have once again been duped to the constant theme and joke of Ouran High School Host Club: Appearances can often be deceiving.


Bones’ ability to insert hidden metaphors have gone up a notch in this episode. It just proves how the series keeps getting better and better and metaphors don’t quite so stand out from the scenes anymore. When I first watched The Twins Fight, I was afraid there were no metaphor scenes in this ep but I refused to back off. As my Semantics professor once said, “Almost everything is a metaphor.”

And this time the metaphors of episode 5 are — the flashback scenes of the twins as little boys.

  1. The little twins clutch their hands in the opening scene when a female playmate approaches them and asks them to build a snowman together with her.


Hikaru and Kaoru have always had each other and wouldn’t want anybody to enter their domain. This is symbolized by their hand grip –a door that blocks any who attempt to venture inside their world. In a way this is selfish, but they always have each other and no one else. In this scene, they began to play their first game of which is which? and this, along with the hand grip have become their protective defense, a shell that prevents anyone from sneaking into their private world. I found the Which one is Hikaru-kun game? a mechanism that baffles the innocent person because he cannot really tell which twin is which when they look so alike and as long as nobody can the twins are safe since to correctly distinguish them would mean that they are individuals and different from each other. Therefore, they are different pieces of the same mold and this would destroy their foundation and belief that they are one.

2. When Haruhi guesses correctly on which twin is which, we are shown the little twins’ hands gripping each other tightly and trembling as if they are afraid they will lose their hold.


The door is tested. It is still strong but it’s shaking. A potential threat has appeared. Somebody can finally tell them apart. The twins hold to each other tighter. The door must remain strong.

3. In the final scene though their hair are dyed in separate shocking colors, Haruhi still guesses correctly on which twin is which and we are treated to a scene where the little twins are still gripping each others’ hands tighter and it flows to the present grown-up twins still holding hands but this time standing to see their intruder walking away to disappear into the snow. And Kaoru said, “Have you noticed, Hikaru? The world, until now, has been either “our world” or “everything outside our world”. This is the first time a real intruder has appeared.”



The twins still hold hands, trying to strengthen their bond. The threat is stronger than it looks but the danger has passed for now. Behind the twins is the chair where they used to sit when they were little in the opening scene and they are seeing Haruhi walk away. They remember their first succesful attempt at throwing out an intruder and possibly, their chance for someone to get inside their world and now a second one has succeeded. Is it a second chance for them or not? Whatever happens, they decide to leave the past (the chair) and stand to walk towards the future, still holding hands, knowing they will still have each other. And call it a girl’s intuition and why I see this ending as a sad one (or I might just be speculating on this) is the look Kaoru gives his older brother Hikaru when he never leaves his sights on Haruhi and Kaoru looks back with resignation on the intruder. He knows that Hikaru might like Haruhi and this would turn their world upside-down and they would not revolve around each other anymore. Whatever happens from now on, things would never be the same again.



Yes, the yellow thing near Pinky Hikaru is actually Tamaki’s head

On a lighter note, I love the scene where our guests of honor twins once again, seduced another young unsuspecting woman with their fiendish charms together (faints). Kaoru and Hikaru, if you ever need an addition in your sibling family, I am your missing fraternal triplet.


Can’t stop obsessing over the twins? Sorry, I can’t help you find the cure but you can infect other people with it. Help spread the disease!

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12 thoughts on “Ouran Ep 5: The Twins and Bones’ Continuing Subtle Metaphors

  1. Os says:

    I just finished watching 5. I have not read your entire post and I probably wont until I write mine -as to compare thoughts (for personal pleasure, of course.) If I read yours then wrote mine, I’m sure some ideas would not be entirely mine and make me feel a bit uneasy-. Anywho, what I have read was your reflection. I appologize if your experience was hindered in any way, I dunno, by me putting any pressure on you to find *subtle* metaphors. But I know that feeling. Because my “thing” is to do in-depth recaps, I like to focus on all the details. It’s just become part of my viewing experience… but you also gotta enjoy the episode. If you’re watching the episode and you’re too immersed in finding details, something’s wrong. Go watch it again. Forget you have to write about it. If you watch it, and then get lost in its world, when you’re finished, you’ll still be able to find yourself remembering exactly what happened. This might be a bit hypocritical of me to say, but… Dont sweat the whole “I run a blog” thing, just enjoy yourself. At times, I gotta tell myself the same thing.

    P.S. I’ll be reading the rest real soon.

  2. ksyu says:

    Totally understandable. Posts can sometimes influence the way you think, consciously or subconsciously.
    This was the first for me anyway in knowing that I will write a follow up on the Ouran ep. I know I was just putting pressure on myself since I am still new at this so don’t blame yourself.
    Thanks for your advice. I did watched again and it was so , so much better and I was just into the moment, you know.
    “Dont sweat the whole “I run a blog” thing, just enjoy yourself.”
    I definetely will.
    Looking forward to reading your Ouran ep 5 post.

  3. Os says:

    Hmmmm, I was close. I was close. Once again, very well written as I enjoyed myself the whole way through… as for Nekozawa’s rose thing: I think I noticed them as roses, but didn’t NOTICE them as black roses. Good catch… And I dont have girl’s intuition, but I kinda felt a bit of sadness near the end also, reinforced by them holding their hands tighter.

    “He knows that Hikaru might like Haruhi and this would turn their world upside-down and they would not revolve around each other anymore.”
    -Would they stop revolving around each other? I think they would only if Hikaru actually started dating Haruhi. Kaoru already thought that Hikaru likes Haruhi before he yelled it, and even after he did, the twins were still working closely together. But I dunno, just throwing stuff out there.

  4. DMJewelle says:

    It wasn’t until you put up the snow screenshot that I noticed something else about HIkaru and Kaoru’s “world” – when the girl steps over to their bench, their side of the playground is completely clean and white, while there’s a ton of footprints on the other end to signify “the outside world”, and the girl tries to enter their side of it. So there you go, another metaphor.

    It’s like Utena all over again~

  5. ksyu says:

    @ Os: You've done a great job on your post on Ouran Episode 5. Subjective interpretation and objective recaps -beautifully balanced. We were almost on the same wavelength on the metaphors. And thanks for the linking to this site! ^-^

    @ DMJewelle: Good observation. Hadn't seen that. Now that you've brought that up, it makes sense that Hikaru and Kaoru's side of the playground was spotless signifying their "world" is unsullied and shows their inability to crave for close human relationships except for each other while the "outside world" is full of criss-crossed footprints signifying a rich network of human relationships.

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