The Real Gakuen Heaven?

So I have finally got to face a computer after so many days. I wish I could have posted a warning or something but everything was rushed and I had to do some last minute packing that before I knew it I was in an airplane on my way to another country. So my apologies for not giving any forewarning about this.

I would be spending the next three weeks in an all boys boarding school near the sea in Hong Kong (hears fangirls yelling).

Yes, it sounds soooo much like Gakuen Heaven, doesn’t it? Boarding school. All boys. Near the sea. Bishie love??? Read further!

I wanted so badly to just blog about recent events but I always had stuff to do and couldn’t get a hold of the computer guy for the first couple of days. At first, I thought I’d like to blog about the anime community in Hong Kong but seeing that people keep telling me to put away my mobile phone every time I take a pic of their displays, I thought it’ll just be futile. Future analysis of Ouran and other animes I would like to (badly) watch and write about would have to wait too (sob) for three more weeks as I think I can’t download any torrents in this school’s computers (it’d be a miracle if it happened). So I will just have to blog about my *cough* observations in this exclusive school.

First, there is a big difference between fantasy Gakuen Heaven BL Academy and this school. Bell Liberty Academy is elite while this isn’t. Second, in BL they wear those scarlet formal uniforms while these real boys have t-shirts and mini shorts that end at mid thighs with slits. Yes, I am surrounded almost 24/7 by scantily clad males. Imagine a shonen-ai/yaoi series of boys with that kind of uniform. Personally, I think it’s kind of hot for a series. It would look funny at first. It’s very hard to concentrate (I mean, in real life) having a serious conversation with a guy sitting down whose shorts keep riding up especially if his legs are hairless. Your eyes can’t help but flit towards the ever rising hem. I guess that’s how guys feel when a woman with a very revealing cleavage was talking to them. πŸ™„

Unfortunately, this school doesn’t have a Princess Princess system though I had incessantly investigated and even launched a campaign due to fortunate sightings of some select very beauuutiful effiminate boys all to no avail (pout pout). But there are some worthy moments that would make a yaoi fangirl’s heart race. These are occurances that I had no idea happened in all boys boarding school:

1.Organ grabbing. Yes, other guys would grab other boys’ organs even in front of a stranger. In mischief or for stimulation purposes I can only guess.

2.Brutal pumping action on the desk with clothes on. Again, for mischief or for stimulation purposes, I have no idea.

3. Walking naked in dormitories even when there is a female instructor.Okaaaaay.

4.After school, the real mini mini shorts come in a.k.a bathing trunks.Woo hoo! πŸ˜€

5.Suddenly they yank their shorts down in the middle of the lesson with no underwear. ‘Nuff said.

For the meantime, as I’m suffering from anime withdrawal (anime with Chinese dub and characters don’t count. I can’t understand a thing!) I’ll just sit here and enjoy this once in a lifetime view.


6 thoughts on “The Real Gakuen Heaven?

  1. ksyu says:

    I can't say the name of the school for my own cautious reasons. I'm part of an exchange program between secondary students and university graduates (a bit complicated). I'm here to motivate students to learn and speak English. Which part of Hong Kong are you from?

  2. loli-shota HONEY-senpai says:


    Watashi desu! anata no “yaoi-hedo(yaoi-vomiting)” tomodachi, JB-sama desu! ogenki desu ka? gambatte ne, whatever you’re doing there in hongkong! i dare not read you’re blog(except the one where I was in! had to know how me & yaoi became related. eeeeewwww!) since i think it’s kinda like your diary(even though it’s like open to the internet public!). besides, it might contain some things that would upset my stomach!

    you didn’t care to give me even 1 email though i already sent you 1! doushite?!!! anata ga watashi no koto daikirai? iiiiiyyyyyyaaaa!

    nanjatte! this is the last method i know to reach you(yeah, in your comment section! of all the places…) so i hope you get to check this out. anyway you could have given me a word if you wanna have an update on your download request, coz i’ve been dying to tell you what i got! also dying to see if you’ll be insanely jealous or not! waa ha ha!

    just to give you an idea on my latest acquired animes. I’M SO STUCK WITH MELANCHOLY RIGHT NOW! OMOSHIROI!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!! SUGOI SUGOI!!!

    that should be enough for now. gambatte ne!
    Dewa mata suguni ne!!!

    P.S. ouran is really fun and astonishing! the development of the characters(the twins!) is starting to get a bit deeper now…& I GET TO WATCH IT ALL! HA HA HA!!!

  3. oxygenthief says:

    …No way this happens. I think if these things did happen, and I saw them, I think my fangirl parts would go into overload… Seriously, no way.

  4. Tex says:

    Yep! I believe it!

    * * *

    I just learned the term Manga tonight and my! I didn’t realize it was taking over the world! Now I want to learn to draw Manga.

    * * *

    Since you can’t quite access WordPress, I guess u won’t see this till u come out for air. Chinese New Year??

  5. ksyu says:

    Yes, it’s either chinese new year or i get the hell out of china. seriously, now that i’m in the philippines relaxing and enjoying the cool blue waters of the beach, i’m feeling lethargic in taking advantage of wordpress while it’s accessible.

    After learning how to draw manga, I guess the only natural course would be for you to become a future mangaka, ne? =)

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