So Far in Hong Kong Anime Land

It’s very hard to get hold of a computer these days. It’s either I’m fully booked with classes or when I’m finally not surrounded with English deficient students, the computer room is locked or an IT lesson is going on in there. Sigh

But there is always a bright side to things. While I’m being torn away from the computer screen, I get acquainted with Hong Kong and its young male populace. It’s a bit hard to communicate with the students on anime as I often get a blank response when I ramble about some titles (even though they’re popular) to them.

“Naruto?” Blank.

“Hunter x Hunter?” Blank.

“Ouran?” Blank.

“The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi?” Blank.

“Nana?” Blank.

“Dragonball Z?” Okay, I am getting a bit desperate but at least I got a response.

Most likely they know the chinese version of the titles but unfortunately, I don’t know them. It’s like the frustration I felt earlier when I finally found a fellow Da Vinci Code fan only to find out he doesn’t about Mary Magdalene and the Templar Knights only because they were known under different names in the Chinese version of the book. Even my crude drawing of the Holy Grail didn’t help.

It is also very hard to let the students see the point I’m driving at that what I’m looking for are character books and not mangas or dvds. Thankfully, they have toured me in some places where I at last see some traces of the huge influence of anime in Hong Kong. Note that they’re located in establishments that contain other shops as well (including explicit porn places that display “attractive pictures” to entice the male passerbys) and are not as fancy and sophisticated as malls which explains why stuff there are so cheap. So if any anime fan who happens to drop by Hong Kong, I hope this scant information can help. I’ll make it more detailed later when I visit these shops again.

1. Unnamed place whose name I wasn’t able to catch located between Sai Yeung Choi St. South and Nathan Road (I think) in Mong Kok. It contains: 

  • G. net comics in the upper level (a manga shop. Lots of titles. Was ecstatic when I saw one of their wares were the volumes The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Once again, I hit myself mentally for not being able to read chinese).
  • 2 anime dvd shops whose names I wasn’t able to catch (authenticity dubious but the movies are clear enough and cheap).

3. 298 Computer Zone for computer games in Hennessy Road, Wan Chai.

If anybody can understand chinese characters, chinese scanlations of manga are available in

Meanwhile, just saw one androgynous student squeeze his classmates’ nipples. Whee!


6 thoughts on “So Far in Hong Kong Anime Land

  1. existential fatboy says:

    Sheila, why didn’t you tell me you’re in Honkong?! I called you (forget when?). Your mom–or was it your aunt?–answered the call and was asking so many questions! She then proceeded by telling me that you’re not in the country. Are you with Edna?

  2. ksyu says:

    So sorry Reggie! I was totally busy and then when I got here so much more the busier as I have finally got an active social life. I’m not with Edna. Who’s Edna?

    We can’t access Friendster here either so can’t check for messages

    Can you say anime heaven here? I finally got to visit the centre I wrote in this post again (I’ll write a more detailed post on this soon)that has got loads of anime, manga, japanese magazines and other related items (toys, cards, keychains, fans, etc.). Yes, there are many yaois too but unlike you unfortunately (or fortunately), I have never been near a t.v. nor watched anime for 21 days and counting.

  3. ksyu says:

    Have already come back and I love your hair! You are now sporting the new Dao Ming Sz hair from F4. Ah yes, how could I have forgotten Edna Mode? She is still as little as ever but still twice as spunky.

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