Farewell Hong Kong, Ni Hao China

I have been meaning to post for the last couple of months but since I have set foot in China, I have discovered to my chagrin that wordpress was blocked. Yes due to my naivete, I have thought I could still blog here in this land where ranting isn’t necessarily cheered on and could get you to prison. So after typing stubbornly wordpress address sporadically during the weeks, scowling as the pc tells me the connection timed out, I have finally hit the jackpot today and discover to my utmost joy that I could finally log on. Perhaps it’ll be just for today (I fervently hope not) but seeing as this might be my only chance to post at what might seem like my last entry during my year long stay here, I might as well make the best of it.

Some updates:

After my stay at heavenly Gakuen Heaven School in HK, I returned to my beloved country and joined the work force as an instructor in a university for six months which pretty much buried me in helluva of a lot of work which is another reason I wasn’t able to post.

Then through a friend’s suggestion, I applied for a teaching post in China, got accepted and found myself traveling alone and staying by myself w/ no parents to work for the first time in an alien country. It’s scary. It’s exhilarating. It’s a big adventure with probably unforeseen tragic experience in the long run of this journey. The constraints of speech is still something new that I haven’t adjusted to yet and being careful with words on the internet (every traffic goes through The Great Firewall of Beijing). It is truly a different country.

And today…..

Wikipedia can’t still be accessed. Scowl. :/


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