Back home again!

It is so nice to be back home where you can understand the language. but at the same it’s so surreal. I haven’t been home for 8 months and it was only when I was riding in our car that it hit me. I wasn’t in China anymore. Everything here is so different. And yet, when I saw the third world ways again, I just wanted to shout, “Get me out of here. I wanna go back to Shenzhen again!”. Of course, it lasted just a few minutes when I took my first taste of my country’s lovely cuisine.

Of course, now that the great firewall of beijing isn’t here anymore, that means I can open my WORDPRESS BLOG. FINALLY! nyah, nyah. I won’t be watched by the paranoid government anymore (take that central body!). I can say whatever I want. Oooh, I’ve missed Wikipedia and the censored sites. Now I can surf to my own luxury and blog and rant away. Whew! Thank god for the freedom of speech.


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