Waking Up Early- Day 17

Location: Cebu City

Slept: 12:20 AM

I am currently doing a 30 day trial in waking up early at 7 AM. I’ve started this last January 5, 2008 as part of my NYR.

If you’re wondering why I’ve skipped a day, it’s because my body just crashed yesterday at 4:30 AM and I slept through my alarm till 11:30 AM. I took the midnight Cebu Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Cebu and arrived dead in the morning at 3:10 AM.

My body was just weak and numb to its senses and screaming for a bed. It was still so dark outside. If I slept at 4:30 AM and woke up at 7 AM, I’d only get 3 and a half hours of sleep. Though my spirit was very willing, my body wasn’t. I was wondering if I would have to start all over again or not. I wonder what would Steve Pavlina do in this situation? In the first place, he wouldn’t have slept through his alarm. I then decided I won’t begin all over again. I’ve come this far. Next time I won’t take any midnight flights when I’m doing the 30 day trial of waking up early. Lesson learned.

But this one day setback didn’t hurt as I’m already in Day 17 of waking up at 7 AM. I’ve already accomplished the first half. I’ve slept at 12:20 AM after a day of registering for the board exam, hanging out with friends and an aromatherapy massage. All my systems were crying out to be put to sleep. I was afraid 2 nights not sticking to the sleep schedule would throw my body off whack.

Not exactly.

I jumped out of bed as soon as my IPOD blared and raced to the bathroom on autopilot mode. No thinking about it. I wasn’t even wide awake. In fact I was slightly groggy. And I’m not even sure if this is because of my new location or not. Was the body reacting to the novelty? I’ll have to wait and see for a few more days.

I think this waking up business has already started to form into a habit. Even though I only have 7 hours of sleep (I usually need 8), I still jump out of bed. Was even unsure if I was alert. So perhaps this is not that huge of a factor as long as you’ve been doing it for 2 weeks or more. Getting up wide and awake and alert is just a nice bonus.


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