Waking Up Early- Day 19

“You’ve got it!” my manager said.

“Really?!” I squealed. I jumped up and down. I was offered a deal to have my own album. At the back of my mind, I knew I couldn’t really sing but did that really matter?

The phone in my hand rang.

“Answer it!”

I was excited. I flipped the phone open.

It continued ringing.


I opened my bleary eyes to see my actual mobile blaring. Damn. So it was all a dream?

It was 2:40 AM. There were 4 missed calls and it came from only one person.


The stalker’s back again.

Last year I had this increasingly annoying guy who would bug the hell out of me. Text messaging. Emails. Phone calls on my mobile. Fed up, I put my phone in silent mode and after a few hours, it read 21 missed calls –all from him. Crazy!

He’s a nocturnal creature too and would call when I and the rest of the world are asleep. I’ve ignored him to no avail. I thought for sure that escaping to a foreign country would put a stop to it because of the high prices for international calls. And for a while it did (note for those with future stalkers: moving to another country might be extreme for putting an end to stalking but trust me it works.). Then the minute I stepped into my hometown’s soil, he’s started calling me. It’s as if he’s got a trace up on my number or something. Does he have a satellite dish somewhere that tracks me down? Bad enough I live in a country where they ‘keep’ tabs of you, your mails and calls but to actually have a trace on you wherever you go –and by one person no less? That bites!

Because I woke up in the middle of the night I had a hard time getting up this morning. So waking up at those ungodly hours does play a part. I could only count with one hand how many times I’ve woken up wide awake and alert.

I’m not put off by this setback. This is the second day after all since coming here and usually (from observing this trial) if my sleep schedule is off track it takes 3-4 days (gulp) to right itself.

Also, I could’ve slept earlier these past few das if I wasn’t busy being asked to fill insurance and credit card forms and scan my passport. Sure they could be defered later where I had more time during the day but my flight for Singapore leaves next Monday so I’ve only got limited time. Anyway, the end of those tasks was yesterday so I might just be able to get to bed at 10:30 tonight.

Proposed solutions:

1. switch off mobile to prevent stalker from calling

2. tell stalker off

3. sleep before or at 11:20 PM.


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