How to Wake Up Early Plan Part 2

This is a continuation of How to Wake Up Early Plan Part 1. This part gives more technical details on how to overcome the most difficult hurdle of all –just getting up.

The Detox Period is Crucial

Do not plan anything major on the detox period. And for god’s sake don’t begin your 30 day trial in the middle of a stressful week. You’d only get more anxious. A long school break or vacation is ideal for you to start your 30 day trial as I’m doing now. That way other matters won’t preoccupy your mind.

One Step at a Time –Taking it easy

During the first phase, just try to wake up and that’s it. No need to get out of bed. Just don’t ever go back to sleep! Open your eyes and stay in bed if you have to. The important thing is to wake up at the desired time. Don’t push yourself. Don’t be guilty that you can do more. The ‘more’ part will come later. Don’t set too high of an expectation that you can’t fulfill.
Eventually you’ll find after Day 1, 2, 3 that just getting out of bed becomes easier.

One step at a time….

Focus 100% on the Goal

I can only work effectively on just one goal at a time. I’m a terrible multitasker because my thoughts get all scattered and I can’t focus. In this situation, my mind is like a machine on the verge of destruction and all tasks just get thrown about. But if I can see only one target, then all my powers are concentrated on it and I throw everything that I’ve got on it. It’s like you see a red target on a field and you throw your spear towards it with all the strength you can muster. Pure single mindedness dedication. It’s like Forrest Gump who would succeed in almost everything he did because he’ll focus all his mind on just that one thing and nothing else. If you’re like me, then you MUST set aside everything else and just direct all your energy into one goal. Never mind that you won’t do your other tasks. They won’t be done anyway. I used to do this before and I never wind up accomplishing anything because I often set them aside. I would focus on 3 goals and they’d just flop since I wasn’t paying enough attention to them.

For my 30 day trial on waking up early, I’ll focus on nothing else but this. Doing so would enable me to channel all my energy on one target and wham! – hit it 100%.

How To Wake Up Early


Post Just Do It! sign opposite bed

IPOD (with the option to play your playlist as the alarm goes off) or any MP3 player/CD player/stereo/radio or any other device in with a built in alarm feature in which music will play when it goes on

speakers for the IPOD or any other music device (see above) -you should be able to hear them

calendar and marker

bug zapper

The previous night just eat a light meal early in the evening. As much as possible don’t eat meat. It would only serve to slow your stomach’s digestion and would result in you going to bed bloated.

Switch on your speakers and set your alarm clock in your IPOD to play an energizing playlist on your desired time everyday. Mine’s on an 80s playlist. Put a regular time for your mobile phone’s alarm clock in preparation for the detox period. After this, you can make do without it. You can also choose to set your speakers near or far away from you. Mine’s just next to me on the dresser. When it plays the music, I don’t have any desire to switch it off because I like listening to it. Sometimes I even get out of bed just to dance to some pop tracks. It’s a great way of waking up in the morning!

Experiment on what kind of sound would you like to listen to early in the am. News? Classical music? Jazz? Preferably it should be something upbeat. You don’t want to get back to sleep, don’t you?

Set your IPOD and alarm clock to blare on the desired time everyday. This tells your body that you’re showing commitment.

Don’t allow anything to stand between you and your goal. I’ve bought myself a bug zapper because of the super annoying mosquitoes that won’t stop buzzing near my ear when I go to sleep.

When you wake up, the JUST DO IT! sign across from you will only serve to give you that extra push to get out of bed. Then cross off the day on your calendar and give yourself a mental pat on the back for a job well done. I highly recommend writing about your trial to show you what went wrong and what went right. It has been highly beneficial to me because it shows me my weakness and I could then make adjustments to what I’ve been doing before, steering me towards the finish line of my goal.

Lastly, don’t wait for any unnecessary stuff besides the date, your health, your situation and stuff that would delay you. If you’re really sincere about pursuing this goal then, JUST DO IT!


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