Waking Up Early- Day 1

I’ve started my 30 day trial on waking up early on the first week of January but since I couldn’t get past thru the Firewall of my country, I’ve decided to blog my journal entries here in the Philippines. So what you will see here a succession of posts as they were written in my notebook. The date on when it was written will be posted on top.

January 3: woke up at 10:00 AM

January 4: 8:00 AM

My first two attempts at the trial fizzled out because I overshot my goal and tried to wake up at 6AM. So I changed it to a more realistic time. It wasn’t actually till January 5 that I barely succeeded waking up at 7 AM.

Here’s the log…

January 5

Woke up to my IPOD blaring but I closed my eyes and just stayed in bed for 30 more minutes. I was awake though. It was very hard to kick back the covers and just get up!


How to Wake Up Early Plan Part 1

How to Wake Up Early Plan Part 2


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