At last have found a way to thwart this country’s firewall and blog and surf wherever and whatever I want. FINALLY! It has been more than a year that I’ve lived in cyberspace prison here. It just takes a little longer though.

New set of goals for the week is to wake up at 6:40 am for 6 days. This is going to take me closer to my ultimate 2008 goal which is to wake up at 5 am. It might take me 2 months before I can accomplish this but this year round, I’ll be doing baby steps, the slowly but surely method. For 2 years, I’ve labored in this goal, always did it in a rush and often failed. I would say to myself, “I’ll get up from 7 am to 5 am in one month.” I’d start it with lots of motivation bursts then gradually, lose it and give up –not because of lack of commitment but it came too damn hard. Now it’s been 2 months since I started anew with this goal starting my way from getting used to waking up at 7 am then when my body was used to being an early riser would shave off 10 minutes from that time –6:45, 6:40, 6:30, etc. If my body can take it, I will shave off 15 minutes but not now.

I’ve been able to get up 6:40 am now but it’s been hard. After completing the 7 am trial, I’ve been sleeping in through the rest of my vacation in bali (it’s a vacation, dammit!). And when I got back in China, it’s been a chilly 5 degrees Celsius and all I wanted to do was bury myself underneath the warm thick sheets. But I’m now back on track.


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