So What’s Next?

So I started out with a bang.

I’ve cleared my desk space of teaching material and replaced it with writing stuff. I’ve put books on writing in easy view and hid my college’s ESL textbooks. My notebooks for fresh inspiration are up and ready. I’ve posted pictures of authors to motivate me. Changed the wallpaper of my desktop from GTD to that of a crisp Victorian quill and ink. Most importantly, I’ve replaced my personal development Firefox bookmark tabs to those dedicated to the scribbling craft.

So I’m sitting here waiting for a big bolt of lightning and got…


What was I expecting? A book deal? My dream writing job would fall into my lap?

For months now, I’ve dreamed of doing my passion –that of finding a writing job in another country and finally quit a half hearted attempt at teaching the English to second language speakers. I’ve put this long yearned goal aside and concentrated on my personal development first for the first quarter and now that that’s done, I am now finally able to focus on my dream 100% and transformed my place in order to induce new writing habits to me.

I guess since I’ve made such a big environment change that I thought something miraculous would happen. Instead I found myself passively combing through the internet for writing sites. The internet has massive content for these but few quality ones.

And I realized that these things take time. The universe isn’t going to give all of them to me after Day 1 of Massive Commitment.

I’m going to have to work on attracting my dream job. Take baby steps and bit by bit, I know I’m going there.

It’s just a matter of time.

After all, it’s only just begun.


2 thoughts on “So What’s Next?

  1. Evie says:

    Man, I’m in a similar position myself. 6 days ago I did the same thing: did the whole ‘Right! Enough faffing around, let’s get this novel written!’

    I do find that blogging about it helps, even if not another soul in the world reads it, only yourself.

    But at any rate, best of luck! I can’t wait to hear about how you get on!

    Btw… I’ve never found the internets to be all that helpful when it comes to finding sites and communities/forums, etc. relating to writing. I know I was on the lookout for a community of writers who were a) into Fantasy, b) took it seriously, and c) didn’t take themselves seriously.

    Still looking >_^
    – Evie

  2. ksyu says:

    Hello! Welcome to the club! I wish both us all the luck in the world both starting on this dangerous journey of lunacy and joy that is called writing.

    And I agree. The Internet has been very helpful to me so far.

    I believe I belong to all three –a, b, and c. Lol. πŸ˜‰

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