Saturday Blues

I woke up at 8AM today and felt like utter crap.

Why’s that?

Oh, it’s but the usual guilt of waking up late and not being able to do your tasks earlier. The guilt of a once reformed procrastinator going back to her old ways.

Where’s the productivity drive?

As I think about tiresome uninspiring work I have to do –I wrinkle my nose. There’s a fervent desire in me to get a knife and hack those have-to-dos (which are preparing my lesson materials for class) and just wish I could’ve devoted my day planning my week and writing articles –tasks that are minimal and inspiring.

If only I woke up earlier…

My tasks for the day.

Plan my week.

Do my laundry.

Make my lesson materials.

Search for Trans-Siberian train fare to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia

Email travel agency for Russian visa fare

Email Marco and Marc


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