Writing Updates-the start of a journey

I know I’ve been bitching a lot about my day job lately (who doesn’t?). But as days gone by, the more I’m convinced that my lack of enthusiasm for my work was simply because I ignored the tiny voice that was saying I should be doing what I love which is writing.

Now I’m doing this everyday first thing in the morning. I should manage my schedule better though because I’ve found I don’t have enough time to plan my lesson anymore since I’ve discovered my writing takes about an hour or so rather than the 30 minutes I’ve originally allotted for it.

But these past few days have been a delirious discovery as I set out further on my writing quest. I’ve been writing nonstop on my blog now more than when I first created it. I’ve found some sites that accept guest posts on the topics that I love and some that even pay for it. I’ve discovered a couple of great writing blogs that offer all these incredible advice on how to break into the business which I’ll post on the blogroll soon. I’ve written titles of future articles on my notebook. I’ve gotten a short story idea. I’ve even found someone who’s on the same road as me (or rather she [http://evelynsmith-joy.blogspot.com] found me [note: somehow my proxy server used to go under china’s firewall radar can’t insert the quick link]). It’s not much I know but it’s a good start and I know it’ll be a while till I get there but I baby, I am enjoying the journey, I am enjoying it.


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