Do Your Passion First Thing in the Morning

There have just been too many times you keep doing your have-to-dos instead of your want-to-dos. How many of us want to spend our day painting on an ivory blank canvas, designing a stellar fashion line, writing that novel you’ve been setting aside, creating your own business, inventing the latest breakthrough gadget? Far too many. We continually drown ourselves in intolerable stressful work because of the usual excuses –too much backlog, a lot more urgent matters that needed our attention, something came up, blah blah blah.

We think these matters are important because they pay the rent, the bills and the food on the table. So we continue to say to ourselves, “Someday when I earn enough I’m going to go back to school and get that degree.” “Someday I’m going to be an artist.” “Someday I’ll start my own business just you wait.” Well, guess what? That someday isn’t’ going to come. You’re just deluding yourself into wishful thinking. Now is the only time that’s important. Now is the only thing you can grasp, measure and immediately see what happens. Now is the only time you can do something about it.

I learned this the hard way. Prior to this, I used to keep wishing to myself, “Someday I’ll become a writer.” Two years have passed and I’m still saying the same things. Nothing has changed. That’s when I realized my wish came true all along. It will happen someday . Not today. Not tomorrow. Not the next two years because it’s just someday –an ambiguous day that might or never come.

That got me thinking, ‘What small thing could I do just to get myself closer to my goal?’ Slowly and with some trepidation, I experimented and set aside a day where I would write first thing in the morning before doing anything related to my day job. There was a risk that I’d be taking time away from my work but it was only a day. It couldn’t hurt and I was free to go back to the old way if it flopped.

Well, a miraculous thing happened. Doing what I love first thing during the day felt so liberating, so blissful, so adrenaline inducing that some of it got transferred to my day job. I got more passion for it than when I hadn’t started writing. So now it’s become a daily thing.

So just give yourselves an hour everyday to do what you love to do . What have you got to lose? Do it first thing in the morning. However, if you’re a night owl you can also do it at night. Give yourselves a little joy in life. After all, you deserve it. And who knows? For a few precious minutes a day, bit by bit as you do your passion, live your dream……. You might just get it.


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