Never Give Up On Your Dream

Lately, some synchronicities has happened to my friend, Tonie. One night for some unexplained reason, she decided to google her old art teacher Harvey Tolibao and discovered he has followed his dream relentlessly and got it. She emailed him and was inspired to continue doing art (she’s a teacher now) by his reply. Tolibao as she puts it used to really fit the description of ‘starving artist’, would draw just about anywhere and someday dreamt of becoming a comic book illustrator in the Philippines. This country unfortunately doesn’t have a lot to offer artists but Tolibao refused to give up and instead hold all the more tightly to his dream. Now he has illustrated for Marvel and the Star Wars comics and is working for various international comic book design companies and finally living his passion as a comic book artist. If you want to read more about Tolibao, here’s an interview where he talks about comics and how he pursued his dream.

In case the link doesn’t work because of the proxy site I’m using to thwart China’s great firewall here it is:

Other people’s sites I’ve found who lived the dream:


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