Us and the World

I was watching the news about the recent outbreak of protests on Tibet on the 2008 Olympic torch relay ceremonies in Australia, U.K. and France when a commercial was abruptly inserted in the middle of broadcast.


It is very infuriating to be living in China where they do these kinds of things. It obviously shows the government is trying to hide something by manipulating the media.

It’s crucial times now for China as the Olympics is looming closer. It is an event that will decide the fate of this country’s future.

I am glad at least not everything was covered up and the Chinese know partially what’s going on in the world. A thick wave of depression clouds some of the students in my class concerning the recent matters.

"It’s us against the world," sighs one. "BBC is biased," one grumbles. "How can they know what’s going on in this country when they don’t live here?" "It’s a total mess," one said. "Us, Taiwan, Tibet and even the Muslim region of Xinjiang."

"Yes," I said. "But let’s not forget the food crises going on in the world today and thousands of poor Asians and Africans starving."

But they didn’t pay attention to me. What can a dumb foreigner know anyway? Why should they worry about that? They still have plenty of rice while the rest of the world starves.


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