Writing Updates – writing assignments

· I’ve written a couple of posts now on the blog and getting into the flow of writing daily.

· I’ve visualized becoming a writer –actually acting like one. Music and props (a hardcover book, pen, paper and PC) help a lot with this visualization exercise.

· I’ve created a list of writing assignments I’m going to do for two weeks in table format and posted it on the wall in front of my desk.

· Made a list of writing goals I’m going to slowly accomplish.

· Found a site that lists magazines that accept short stories in U.K. (http://www.theshortstory.org.uk/writers/)

· Had a great idea of writing for an array of different topics so that if I get to show my portfolio, they’d see I’m flexible and can do a wide range and and different styles from fiction to nonfiction.

Now as a starting writer, I don’t know where to find and carve my niche. Throw me anywhere and I can adapt. I’ll even chew on paper as long as I can get to write.

Practical says copywriting and advertising.

Passion says fiction.

And if I adhere to the ‘ready fire aim’ instead of ‘ready aim fire’ approach, I’ll definitely choose fiction.

Then I’ll do copywriting and advertising later.

It’ll probably take me 2-5 years before I can even break in but who cares? I’m doing what I love.


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