The Stupid Stress Experiment

My college did an experimental stress interview wherein they took a couple of students, deprived them of sleep for two nights and subjected them to intense questioning. The purpose: see if they can maintain their temper.


It so happens that this brilliant idea was concocted by no other than a military man who’s presently a staff member from the Student Development Office.

I must firmly put my foot down and protest to this using of human beings (students no less) as test subjects for Student Development (what’s wrong with this picture?). All for a silly purpose of just testing if they can blow their top off easily.

No wonder China is criticized for its human rights policies. It’s even happening in schools.

This has happened to me before. I was deprived of sleep for one night on my own volition. I was cramming to finish a play for my Drama course due the next day and could only catch a few minutes of winks. The result? I ended up going 100% Freudian slip of the tongue. My subconsciousness took over my personality and it was terrifying. I was suspended in a state of unawareness and from time to time would drift between the waking world and the dream world. It got to the point where I couldn’t differentiate between the two. Long story short, I told the people in the class that if they didn’t understand my work (we were having our plays criticized) then they weren’t intellectual enough. I got a standing ovation from the few smart students and utmost scowls from the dumdums in the crowd, especially at the exact moment when I ‘hinted’ they were stupid.

To any student in the world, if you are subjected to this kind of experiment (please God, I hope not), don’t stand for it! As that magical moment comes when your consciousness is switched off and your subconsciousness takes over, just open your mouth and the truth shall set you free.


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