An Easier Way to Surf Blocked Sites

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Another thing that kept me busy the whole day has been this frustrating

treasure hunt for a proxy server software

that will enable me to infiltrate the great firewall of China and surf censored sites which includes

When I first came to China, I absolutely had no idea no how to access blocked content. It took me two years to finally get my hands on some proxy sites. Here’s a list.

For the past weeks, I’ve been using to login WordPress. However, it’s got some major flaws namely:

  1. I can’t customize my post. That means no images. No podcasts. No videos.
  2. I could only use the HTML editor (and I’m no wizard at that!) to enable bold and italics in my post.
  3. It completely twists and transforms the links I put into subdead sites.

Then came the answers to my prayers when I stumbled upon Vienna’s blog. She had found a proxy software that would allow you to gain access to all your juicy taboo sites without going through a proxy site. Finally, you could access sites directly as if you’re back in your own free country.

Here is the list of proxy software you can use to do that:

Note: Just googling ultrasurf will alert the Internet police on your trail so do some cautious surfing.

  1. Ultrasurf
  2. Freegate
  3. GTunnel (prompts you to download a .zip file)
  4. GPass (.zip file)
  5. Torpark

I don’t know about the others but only Torpark is compatible with Firefox but reviews have warned that it’ll slow down your Internet connection. I’m not familiar with GTunnel and GPass. So that leaves Ultrasurf and Freegate. How can we make them work with Firefox?

SwitchProxy, a firefox add-on complements them both by enabling you to switch from one proxy software to another with a simple click. It would also allow you to switch off the proxy servers if you don’t want your connection to crawl especially if you’re downloading streaming media.

  1. After SwitchProxy is installed in firefox, click Add on its toolbar.
  2. Choose Standard and click Next.
  3. Choose Manual Configuration.
  4. Fill in the Proxy Label (e.g. Ultrasurf).
  5. In HTTP Proxy enter 127.0.01
  6. In the Port box next to it, type 9666 (if you’re using ultrasurf) or 8567 (for freegate).
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click on Ultrasurf or Freegate in the dropdown menu and then Apply.
  9. Now you can surf!

But if you don’t want to install ProxySwitch, here’s another option. This is for Firefox 2.0

  1. Go to Tools and click Options.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and click Network.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click Manual and besides HTTP Proxy enter 127.0.01.
  5. Fill in 9666 (ultrasurf) or 8567 (freegate)for the Port box besides it.
  6. Click Ok.

Here’s a site that gives an in depth look and instructions for installing the proxy surfing software. Warning: it’s highly blocked and guarded by the firewall in China. I had to click it a few times before it finally showed up.

Happy surfing!

Photo courtesy of arkworld.

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6 thoughts on “An Easier Way to Surf Blocked Sites

  1. Dmitrij says:

    Using a proxy site will allow you to search the web anonymously and avoid infecting your computer with spyware and leaving a trace for others to follow. Sometimes certain computer networks may block a site you are wanting to visit, using will allow you to visit any website from any computer, privacy assured.

  2. Mave says: – cool proxy site to bypass China Firewall. is faster and so much easier to use then the other crappy web based ones.
    All my favorite sites youtube, facebook and twitter open correctly using Skydur. It’s not free but it’s my best spent money recently – just $16.99 for 3 months. Check it out here –

  3. Paid To Drive says:

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