Writer’s Block Finally Strikes

The spray of water gurgles happily breaking the serene silence of the places –each droplet a crystal nymph diving playfully into the surface of the moving pond. Besides it, a cotton white butterfly dances away only to pause now and then to dip its feeler, creating tiny ripples onto the calm parts of the stream. Before me, three ladies bend their heads and whispered, eyes flitting suspiciously about, wrapped in their own cheerful cloud of secrets.

This is the place I chose to do my writing and strangely enough, I’ve got writer’s block. I’ve had it being cooped up in my desk for the past two days and was in desperate need of fresh air. My mind was beginning to be stifled in a tight dusty cobweb and was crying out to be freed. Thus I’ve brought myself to this little Eden of Paradise, hoping it would stimulate my asphyxiated muse to write an article I wanted to submit on surviving abroad.

Instead I found the prose of this piece flowing through my hand.

Do different places influence your writing? This didn’t use to be a problem for me before. However back then, I wasn’t writing nonfiction.

The nymphs have stopped their temporal play. The ladies have gotten up and left. At the far distance, a cherubic toddler coos to his mamma and I can hear the soft pattering of his delicate feet as he rushes to her comforting embrace. The majestic palms begin their dance of farewell to the sun god and still the article lay beside me –white, pristine and virgin peppered with a few dots of writer’s frustration.

Update: After writing this piece, the flow of the personal development article titled Doing Without: Lessons from Living Abroad came about smoothly. I’m planning to submit it as a guest post to some websites.

So the lesson? All it takes is writing to take away writer’s block.


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