The Quick Pack List

Do you find yourself pondering for a long time on what to bring on your trip? How about forgetting to pack an important item in your suitcase? Well, here’s an essential list I made and you can use for your travel overseas. I’ve used this constantly in my trips and it’s designed for light traveling. I’ve put most of them (except the clothes) in one suitcase so I can dump in a few shirts and I’m ready to go!

  • A few pieces of clothes and shoes/flip flops for day and night (depending on which country you’re going to).
  • Small handy body and face towel
  • Small handy toiletry kit (with everything you need soap, shampoo, moisturizer, comb,etc.)
  • Tickets
  • Passport
  • Passport copy
  • Wallet with credit cards
  • Appropriate currency of the countries you’re going to (remember airports and hotels charge commission). Get those bills changed in advance.
  • Handy small bag/pouch for containing receipts and at least 3 extra eticket copies
  • Filled up departure and arrival cards
  • pen
  • Keys and locks
  • camera
  • Flashlight
  • Plug for appropriate socket in destined country. See this site to see which one the country you’re going to uses
  • Jacket for airplane (I get cold easily!)
  • Travel notebook
  • Lonely Planet
  • A good book or two (if you’re going to an airport with no English bookstore, you better stock up. I got stuck with boredom at the Jakarta airport).
  • Address of your consulate in that country
  • Sim card with roaming activated
  • Ipod
  • Mobile phone (tri-band. See if it works abroad)
  • Chargers for ipod, phone and camera. See appropriate plug.
  • Extra bag that you can actually tuck in the suitcase in case you got some excess stuff that can’t fit. See Tim Ferriss’ video below.

Here are some sites that can help you.


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