The Journey of Writing

How many times have I written an outline only to find out I only followed half of it?

Or after reading my writing, it wasn’t what I intended? But I’m still happy.

The moment we put pen to paper, we never know where the words are going to take us. Writing is always a journey. As you continue to scribble and scribble, as fast as you can to catch the words being channeled through you, your writing becomes indecipherable but you don’t care. You realize it’s taking you to paths you didn’t expect and it surprises you. But that’s the fun and beauty of writing. It is the surprise you didn’t expect waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, at the end of the Yellow Brick Road, at the end of the rainbow.

Flannery O’Connor talks about writing as an act of discovery. She says she most
often did not know where she was going when she sat down to work on a short story. She says she doubts that many writers know where they are going when they begin something.

–I sat down in the morning and wrote the first sentence, and other sentences promptly began to attach themselves. I made the story just as I’d make a poem; one line and then the next, and the next. Pretty soon I could see a story—and I knew it was my story, the one I’d been wanting to write.

Raymond Carver


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