The Song of Life

Tell me, why do people look at you in a weird way when you’re suddenly gazing in wonder at everything around you? When you marvel at the vast expanse of azure sky. Gaze at the beauty of a single blade with its jagged edges. Peer onto the silk thread of a spindly spider making its home. Listen to the cacophony of sounds about you –padded footsteps, the delicate whisper of the seductive breeze, the clicking of the social clubs of insects? How about when you thrust your nose into the heady intoxicating scent of mangoes and feel their bruised skin against your cheek? When nature strikes you like a gong and in your very bones you reverberate as an explosion of sound, sight, smell and touch of the earth bursts around you. And in that very moment you never felt so alive.

Why? Why?

Because you look like a mental retard that’s why.

Perhaps we are the dumb ones ignoring this awe-spiring power. We walk through our days cloaked in a cloud of apathy. Minding our own business. We build for ourselves –brick by brick a wall of indifference until we lose the wonder we had as a child. We go through life with numbness, often bemoaning our ordinary existence and not noticing the extraordinary things happening around us. We are so wrapped in our world that we don’t see the real one out there. The all encompassing magnificent breath of space bursting with life and wonder. Hear it. Smell it. Touch it. Revel in it.

Writing is the only key that opens this strange primal channel inside me. Connecting me with the song of the earth that lifts its silent powerful voice about the purpose that runs through my veins, that runs through each and every one of us. That is to feel alive in each and every moment. To connect with each other. To be one.


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