Frustration of your Day Job

Tonight I listened to Kheng’s sermon on forgiveness and greed and thought to myself, “This would make a great blog post.” Then an annoying voice reminded me, “You still have to prepare your materials for class tomorrow.”


Don’t you just hate your day job? You get this great idea but you still have responsibilities to fulfill so it gets shoved aside to gather dust because once you finish your present obligation another one crops up.

When will it end?

And I’m so bad at this balancing thing because my mind is built for single tasking. It’s either I do too much of one or the other. Right now I’ve got a huge backlog of work because I let it build up to focus on my writing.

When will I be free?

If I get a sudden bolt of inspiration, do I act on it immediately? Or do I focus on my urgent (sigh) work responsibilities? What would you do?


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