Writing Updates –What I’ve Learned

  1. Get into the habit of writing daily. Don’t rush.
  2. Write in a ‘place of your own’ and in quiet solitude.
  3. When you have writer’s block you can do either of these things:

· Write something else you feel inspired to write

· Write somewhere else

  1. Shut down your notebook and put it away every time you do your writing.
  2. Don’t schedule your every writing assignment for the week. The muse is not a logical person. You can’t call her in at certain times during the day and expect her to do your bidding. She comes and goes of her own free will. Instead just make a list of your writing assignments and slowly knock them down one by one according to which you’d like to do first. If there’s something you don’t feel writing about, just cross it off your list. No use squeezing the muse when you’re uninspired.

Most of my life, I’ve always organized and scheduled my tasks. Now I’m learning writing doesn’t work that way. It’s unpredictable. It’s a free spirit.

  1. Don’t force your writing. Write the piece you truly feel inspired and passionate enough. Don’t write it because you have to. Write it because you want to. Isn’t following your passion all because you want it in the first place?

Other updates:

  1. Finally submitted the personal development article – “Doing Without – Lessons from Living Abroad.” Just waiting for word if it’ll be posted or not. If not, I’ll just find another website for it. 
  2. I wrote two entries in response to Steve Pavlina’s “How To Be a Man.” I’ve been reading his blog for two years now and for the first time he’s going to choose and post links to entries that he considers an insightful answer to his own post. This was a rare chance for me to get my link in his website. I do hope that will happen. It would be such an honor mainly because his blog has drastically changed my life for the better. Weird that he posted the contest after I’ve started on the writing path. Synchronicity? Is the universe working with me?
  3. I was pleasantly surprised to see “How To Be A Woman–Her Three Stages” and “How To Be A Woman Through A Male’s Eyes”  doing well on this blog. Totally did not expect that. The latter is doing better than the former. Hmm… does that mean I should write more gay posts? lol. 🙂 To all readers out there, a big THANK YOU!
  4. I’ve also updated my ABOUT page and put more info. Check it out.
  5. This is the new timeslot now for my posts. I’ve moved it because I’m going to focus on writing my short story more. Writing daily has already been reinforced. It’s now time to hit the big rocks and publish what I got out there!

Now I’m consciously following the path of utmost joy.

The love relationship continues….


2 thoughts on “Writing Updates –What I’ve Learned

  1. Turil says:

    The second post is probably getting more hits because it’s the one that’s been listed in the trackback on Steve’s original post. I have no idea why the trackback only lists one and not the other, though…

  2. ksyu says:

    Yeah, and this wasn’t the one I submitted originally. Maybe it’s because I published this one first and Steve’s site quickly got it as a trackback.

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