Two Videos Showcasing Woman Power

In keeping up with the women power theme, I’ve posted two of my fave videos from TED. They’re by the awesome writer Isabel Allende who wrote the House of the Spirits (La Casa de los Espiritus) and Eve Ensler the writer of The Vagina Monologues (super-fantastic play who will have you proudly shouting “VAGINA! VAGINA!” by the end of it, males included). They’re both staunch feminists and both talk about the plight of women all around the world. And it’s not a pretty picture, people. Women are still looked down upon in some countries especially in the Middle East where in countries like Oman, you can’t even take pictures of them. According to my friend Dee, this is because the Muslims believe that only God has the right to create a likeness of you so anybody who copies you is committing a sin against Allah.

So, enjoy the videos!


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