Big Trouble in Big China

Here are the following disasters occurring one after the other as China is nearing the Olympics. Is it a sign?

  1. Biggest snowstorm to hit China after 50 years.
  2. The Tibet riots
  3. Train collision in northern China
  4. Bus accident killing 18 in Hong Kong
  5. And now, the Szhechuan earthquake. Strongest earthquake after 30 years.

I wanted to take a moment in class to pray for the 80,000 people who went missing because of the earthquake but I was afraid the students might take offense.

As the Olympics is drawing nearer, I’m viewing it as an apocalyptic event with all these ‘Revelations’ stuff happening. Who knows what’s going to happen next?

We foreigners now are paranoid over our visa issue as China without any warning suddenly announced visa changes. Tourist visa got shortened for five days and our local city government also stopped issuing work permits which got new teachers’ antennae flicking about in panic as they’re currently on tourists visas.

Lots of people were forced to go home because of the sudden change in policy.

Welcome to China.

Other updates:

Tonight we’ll spend the night in Macau to send off our dear friend Wilma before she goes to teach in a heavenly spa resort in Oman. *green with envy envisioning the free massage and facials she will be getting*

I’m switching projects as I’m now inspired by a new idea for a short story. So while the inspiration is still fresh it’ll be easy to finish it. I know this totally showcases how fickle my mind can be but if you can handle it, just go along for the ride folks. It’ll be an interesting journey with lots of detours to come.

I’ll probably have a longer post for you this weekend. Time is limited on the weekdays what with marking tons of papers (10 minutes spent on serious deliberations on a single line —Day Goes to Safe. What does he mean???) students consultations, faculty meetings and making a report on this term’s student evaluation which has been on the backlog for sometime (117 papers is enough to trigger an anxiety attack) and this excludes teaching hours.
If only teachers have the option of delegation (we surely need it!), but there’s little room for that especially if your college is like mine who doesn’t give all of its lecturers teacher assistants. Teaching is indeed a tough profession but the pay-off is good at times especially when it’s the end of the term and students really show how grateful they are. Then you’re on a natural high that you’ve done something good to benefit people after all. Now if you can only finish marking their papers.


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