The Alien Exodus

I got back from Macau late last night. The food from that place was just indescribable –or maybe I was just super deprived from lack of variety that I almost came salivating after seeing a Brazilian restaurant.

I got too wiped out from drinking and staying up late for the first time in months that I almost mistook the tube of shaving cream as toothpaste. Imagine if I had put that in my mouth. My teeth don’t need shaving, thank you very much.

I was very happy to read Pavlina’s new post “How To Be A Woman” late this afternoon after making my lesson materials and learned I got the number 2 spot in the submissions. I wasn’t chosen but it’s still an honor having my name up his site. Reading all these incredible entries, I realized I could’ve gone a different direction with my entry and made it more personal, add more anecdotes. That’s alright –am glad I participated. Live and learn they say and I’ve learned a lot with this experience. Persistent Illusions’ entry paid more homage to the goddess part of the woman. Squawkfox’s entry was dead-on funny and biting whereas Cinnamon Sunrise‘s  was more serious and contemplative. I wanted to read the other entries but more pressing issues await related to the day job await. But I know I’ll come back to them.

While in Macau, I’ve noticed many foreigners lugging their suitcase in the popular Sentro. I’ve heard lots of talk about leaving –often with bitterness and depression because of the 5 day visa restrictions. A pervasive feeling of despair and hopelessness blankets the once Portuguese colony. Foreign businessmen who have companies in the mainland cannot come and go as they like anymore. Foreigners who hope to find a better job have to leave because they’ve exceeded their stay. You can only get a visa if you’re in a group tour now. Friends of mine in the college are going to leave the country after their tourist visa runs out because the local city government refuses to issue work permits to new teachers. This will happen regardless of their contract because the school can’t do anything against the policy.

The mainland used to be the place where foreigners do their ‘U-turns‘. U-turn is a term where a person crosses a border, stays in it for a while and comes back in order to extend his stay. I’ve done a couple of u-turns before because my school couldn’t issue me a proper work visa. Instead they gave me a 3 month business visa even though I was actually working. It was illegal sure but I kept this up until I found my wonderful present college who gave me a proper work permit. I ditched that dodgy school and terminated my contract.

And with this 5 day restriction, how can foreigners stay longer in China for the Olympics? For sure, this new policy would crack down on the illegal workers but still I feel sorry for those whose hopes and dreams were crushed. See, I’ve been there before. I know what’s it like to stay under the radar and wonder if you’ll finally get the right employer who’ll give you the correct documents. With enough perseverance and networking, you know you will get there eventually. I know I did. You just need to stay a little longer and never stop hoping. But with this new policy, how can they do that?


3 thoughts on “The Alien Exodus

  1. ksyu says:

    The bra picture did it for me. 🙂 Then I saw her deflated brassier pic and cracked up some more especially when she said she got a lot of marriage proposals from just that picture.

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