Writing Updates- The Magic of Storytelling

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I’ve just updated and added two extra paragraphs plus a video to my previous post Focus on Your Strengths. Steer Around Your Weaknesses. I also mentioned I was working on a short story before. Well, this new baby needed a lot of TLC which is why my posting hasn’t been regular as of late.

I got this idea of a story from watching too many street dance videos on Youtube. I got the too common –What if? question and then seconds later, I launched myself into an alternate universe. It got started as a fluff piece and I’d just have fun writing it. Probably finish it in a day or two. I mentioned it to my friend, Tonie who got this crazed look in her eye and said, “Let me make a comic out of it!” Thus a team was born.

I usually like to work alone but it’s actually great having a partner when you’re first venturing into writing. You can keep tabs on each other’s work. You can’t quit so easily because you know someone’s depending on you. And you’ve got to keep the writing up to speed so the project could develop faster. There’s no excuse for “But I felt really crappy this morning.” or “I felt so insecure that my writing’s no good that I just couldn’t do it.” or “Haha, I got caught up blogging today.” How embarrassing would that feel if you were telling your friend that? You’d lose all your credibility.

Unfortunately, in our situation Tonie can’t make a move yet because I haven’t written my story. I don’t even have an outline so I just supply her with character profiles so she can at least get started. The thing is I’m also discovering my illustrator has a temper whenever I express my fussy side.

“I imagine his hair to be shorter.”

She whipped out her pencil. “Like this?”



“Sho-“ I had to duck when she hurled a stapler at me.

Now whenever she starts to tap her pencil impatiently, I know it’s time to wear my thinking cap and escape to another world before she realizes where to stick that pencil to.

And that’s when the magic begins. Back then, all I had was the climax. Yet the more I explored this whole new different world, the more I’m convinced there’s more to it than meets the eye. And here I bang my head against the wall crying out, “You’re supposed to be fluff!” But that’s not what the story intended. Characters started to appear and develop. The writing took a life of its own and it’s now running away with the story and I have to chase after it with my pen. The result? It was not what I originally envisioned. It was so much more. That’s the part of writing I enjoy so much. The this is not what I had in mind but I like it part. The surprise. The not knowing what’s going to happen next. This makes me wake up in the morning looking forward to the time I make a portal with a blank sheet of paper and a pen and plunge to a new universe. And it’s not till nightfall that I come back home again, drained but ready for another adventure tomorrow.

So don’t try to control the story. You’re nothing but the medium, the record keeper of the characters’ fates. Let the story unfold by itself. And all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.


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