Life Updates

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Sorry for not posting for over a week. Reality took over. Remember I was bitching up marking papers and all? Well, things took a serious nosedive from there and before I knew it, I was neck deep in the marking mania with two huge looming deadlines to beat. I had to set my priorities straight and really sat down to do what’s most important. Here’s what’s been going on for the last few days.

  1. I checked my blog stats today thinking for sure that it’s plummeted. Had a pleasant surprise to find out it didn’t even though I hadn’t posted for a week. My relevant articles were going strong with the searches in Google and links from power sites. Hmm… so I don’t need to post everyday. Just need to post competent entries.
  2. I had a mini birthday celebration last June 5 amidst checking papers. Pathetic, I know. We kicked things off with a celebratory game of table tennis.
  3. I failed to beat the deadline for the submission of class grades. I was a day late. But the stressful days of staring at spreadsheets are over!
  4. —NOT! Just after I’ve submitted my grades, another huge work task got shoved at me. Mark 500 sheets of final exam papers by next Tuesday. Another 1 week deadline. I set my jaw and vowed I’ll submit it by that date whatever it takes. No more procrastination. The universe must’ve heard and tested me because three days to the deadline, it rained…… a lot. I’m talking nonstop rain from sunrise to midnight, ankle deep water, pounding pellets from the sky, dozens of lightning flashes and crackling thunder and Herculean howling wind –the kind that flips your umbrella inside out. And still I came despite all that. And I did successfully beat the deadline, submitting that fat motherload of papers with a flourish by 2pm on a bright sunny Tuesday. But still I found myself marking paper till 9:30pm that day. Why’s that? Go to number 5. It’s tragic. It’s sad. It’s heartbreak.
  5. While I was stressing over mundane stuff like class grades and marking, my officemate was going through her own emotional turmoil. Her brother had recently suffered a stroke and on that day of the deadline, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in the Philippines (we are presently in China). She was a wreck who couldn’t concentrate on her marking. Who wouldn’t? Three of us lightened her load and 300 papers were done that night. Tomorrow she would board a plane to take her home. But that day had a creepy ominous note because of a conversation between her and Tonie.

A —(officemate): I believe in miracles. I think there’s still a shred of hope that he can make it even though it’s only a machine keeping him alive now.

Tonie: Right.

A–: What do you think will happen?

Tonie: (very hesitant) …..

A–: Just tell me the truth. Come on, I can take it.

Tonie: (very softly) I think it’s his time.

And that’s when A– broke down as she realized the inevitable truth, as the false hope of a miracle has been torn away. By 1:35 on a Wednesday morning, her brother passed to the arms of our Lord. Only one part of the prediction came true. She wasn’t able to make it.

How cruel life is.

Right now, A–‘s probably with her family back home united in their grief. Hold your head up A–. Stand brave and tall. This one’s for you.


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