The Cutting Process- Revising My Short Story

Today I was able to reduce the first 21 handwritten pages of my short story into 9 pages. Not bad.

I compressed 3 separate scenes into one. I also cut out two of my favorite scenes to make the plot move more quickly. It’s hard but as Faulkner said, “Kill your darlings.”

Was up writing all day with revising the entire first half of the story. Left hand got cramped so was forced to use my right hand. Its handwriting is pretty ugly but at least I can see the letters.

I’m looking at my first attempt at writing a short story since 6th grade and I overdid it. I’ve got 31 handwritten pages. It’s almost like a novella. But now I’ve managed to get it down to 19 pages. That’s almost half of what it was.

Tomorrow I’m going to start editing. Can’t wait!


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