Kill your Darlings

Editing the short story took longer than I thought –half a day.

I got stuck rewriting a corny line. Thinking, ‘would this character really say this?’ It was hard trying to see where it fit in the draft.

Crossed out a lot of superfluous lines. Hah! No mercy!

Then for the whole afternoon, I planned what I’ll do for the next two weeks and got started on my online TESOL course which is a new requirement for a work visa in my city in China if you’re a teacher.

Now that summer vacation’s here, I’ve got more time to concentrate on my personal goals (which would take me to do what I really want in life): writing and transitioning to become a freelance writer. YES! For now, no more day job! It’s a temporary stay in heaven.

I just read Devon’s 5 short stories in 10 weeks ebooklet and decided to take on the goal of writing 5 short stories in 10 weeks. I’ll start by next week and churn out 1 short story every 2 weeks.

In Devon’s ebooklet, it suggests reading newspapers to get your writer’s juices flowing. But that’s not how I work. I want the stories to come to me. I don’t want to look for them because the tendency is they’ll never emerge. At first I was worried on how to come up with three other short stories concepts (already had two). But inspiration didn’t fail me. Boy, did the ideas surprise me too. I’ve got 5 great ideas for short stories that bam! came out of nowhere. They’re of different literary genres too. Not bad in less than a week.

Brainstorming’s easy. The hard part is plucking them from the world of ideas and putting them on paper.


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