Stuck in the World of Dreams and Writing

It’s 9 AM here in China.

Typed 7 pages of my short story yesterday.

And that’s only ½ of the story.

I used standard Times New Roman, 12 size font. Single space using double when only when I go to the next paragraph.

Now I’m worried. Is that too long?

Great. First attempt in writing a short story and it turns out too long?

Mornings are really my prime time for writing. When afternoon beckons, I’m found with my nose squashed on the desk dozing off. Damn heat.

It’s weird because I used to be a night owl with the knowledge that I’m the most active during mornings but ignored it to watch anime or surf the Internet till the fingers of dawn paint the sky purple and pink. Very unproductive. Normal wake-up time used to be 10 or 11am.

I got back to typing my 4 page and counting letter to my cousin in the afternoon and was off to mark papers for my college’s remedial exam for those who failed (yes, they still give them and only half of the students showed up. What do you expect? It’s summer vacation!).

Realized I’m not my usual gregarious self at school today as I’ve lately been coped up in my apartment and in my alternate universe of writing. I walk around surrounded by an unseen purple haze of dreaminess and dazedness. I’m not 100% out yet. I’m still caught up in the border and the immigration officer is staring at me, “You wanna pass or not?” and I’m looking groggy eyed, swaying on my feet, the noxious fumes of the real world slowly injecting its poison into my system and slurring, “Not yet. Lemme stay a little longer.”

Today got lots of writing in my to-do list which includes writing a comic script out of my short story which should be fun. I’ve never done it before and I did some research just to prep myself. To know the reason why I’m doing this extra work, click here. Tomorrow I’ll tell blog on the experience and compare what’s it like writing a short story and writing a comic script. It’s a whole different ballpark,folks and am looking forward to it challenging the way I used to think. Stay tuned.


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