Sample Travel Itinerary

Here’s a sample travel itinerary I made for my Vietnam and Cambodia trip. A- stands for primary or have to see/do, B- so so and C- secondary/can wait. As you can see, it’s pretty loose. To know how to make one, read my post: How To Make an Easy Travel Itinerary.

Pretty excited to go home to the Philippines tomorrow! 🙂 Uncensored faster Internet surfing here I come!

Vietnam- Saigon/Ho Chin Minh





Cu Chi Tunnels USD10

(takes most of the day)

Mui Ne Sand Dunes- Bau Trang – 5 hours travel/1 Day Tour


Le Fenetre Soleil- 2nd flr, corner of Le Thanh Ton and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia (watch out for decrepit staircase)

Benh Thanh Market

Notre Dame Cathedral

Reunification Palace

Flower Market

Saigon Square



Vung Tau

Le Thanh Ton

Diamond/Zen Plaza- expensive shopping malls

Vietnam to-do list:

  1. Exchange money to VND (Vietnamese currency)
  2. Look for cheap travel agency in backpacker’s District 1.
  3. Secure bus to Phnom Penh. USD15 – 6 hrs land trip. 4 hour wait for bus to get on Neak Leung Ferry transport across Mekong River
  4. Watch Water Puppets
  5. Buy souvenirs.

Vietnam Reminders:

  1. AnAn Hotel- July 15-21 7 days
  2. Vinataxi- VND12,000/15,000 starting rate
  3. Mr- An’oi, Ms- Je’oi
  4. Bill please – Chin-chin (make a gesture of scribbling a pad with your hand). The Vietnamese would understand.

Updated: It’s important that you make a detailed plan on your first day though so you won’t waste waste it on idleness.  Here’s a sample below:


  1. Pack for Saigon
  2. Leave City Backpacker’s Hostel in Singapore via Subway- don’t forget MRT card!
  3. Go to Green Line Tanah Merah
  4. Switch to Changi Airport
  5. Go to Terminal 1 for Jetstar for flight to Saigon
  6. Check-in


  1. Arrive in Saigon
  2. Money Exchange at airport (no commission)
  3. Unpack
  4. Buy a Vietnamese Sim card (in this case, Mobi fone) with help from hotel
  5. Get in touch with Marjorie (my friend who works in HCM City) and Mr Chinh
  6. Plan get-together- write in calendar
  7. Look for good travel agent and money exchange center in backpacker’s street
  8. Book tour to Cu Chi, Mui Ne,- Mr Chinh will take me to Notre Dame and Reunification Palace and other places on B Secondary Places. Write in calendar
  9. Walk around backpacker’s street and look for Le Fenetre Soleil.

To know what really happened and changes made in the real itinerary you can read this post: The Real Travel Itinerary- What Really Happened.

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