Writing Updates- Finally Got Some Writing Done

  1. Back at home in the Philippines now and the mosquitoes have not yet stopped feasting on me!  Anyway, on to the writing updates.

  2. Finished two sort stories (Sub Dio 5,520 words and Illusions 1,805 words). The second story draft was finished in a span of two days and rewritten almost in its entirety once
  3. Started researching and listing some of the prospective magazines and ezines that would fits their genres. I’m going to find small magazines who would be willing to take a first time few (okay, 2) publishing credits writer. I’m going to list them in a sheet of paper to track down my submissions.
  4. finished one article I’m going to submit to a local newspaper. I’m also going to post it here sometime this week.
  5. even though these short stories are done and over with, it doesn’t stop me from visiting them time to time to incessantly tweak and add some scenes especially for Sub Dio.
  6. This is the first writing update with some solid achievements (namely, lots of writing done!). I’m going to take a break from writing this week to replenish my batteries and enjoy my vacation. But I think I’ll still write namely some inane stuff and a blog post or two? ; )
  7. Besides these, I got eight more short stories ideas that I can’t wait to work on. But I have to remind myself to tackle things one step at a time. Baby steps, baby steps.

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