Can Aliens Breakdance?- Sub Dio story excerpt

After a long hiatus, I was pleasantly shocked at the big spike of blog stats with my recent post Spirit Possession in Cambodia- The Real Travel Itinerary 2. Must be the title. I wish it would stay that way but my blog stats are like a pendulum. Some days are high, some days are low.

I shared my journey before about recently completing two stories. I’m happy to say that 2 more recently joined its ranks of different genres. Like any starting out writer, my stories are still hopefully, waiting for a home to accept them. I’ve just learned to cultivate the agonizing art of patience and a positive attitude which is vital for every author.

Below is an excerpt of my first short story -Sub Dio (Under the Open Sky). It’s a soft core science fiction piece with YA characters. It’s been hard just trying to find the right magazine to match it. It’s been submitted but hasn’t been published yet. If you are thinking ‘Gosh, what happened to that kid? Would that battle ever happen? Do aliens ever breakdance?’, have no fear. You can email me a kind request and I’ll be happy to send you the complete story at ksirine.yu at gmail. I’ll break out in praises and song and kowtow to you a thousand times if you happen to be a heavenly editor of a magazine. 😉


(Under the Open Sky)

“You shouldn’t be here in the first place,” Paul said.

I was doubled up on the parking area of Old Farmer’s. A lazy trickle of crimson blood bled from my lips. My life had just been punched out of me by this bald guy with a serious B.O. problem. He made a move like he was swatting away a pesky fly and the big orb of light hovering over him immediately aimed at me and hit my stomach. I fell on my face to the grimy puddle. Well, anything that stops him from lifting his arm and freeing the four horsemen of the apocalypse from his armpit. My name’s Chris by the way and you just caught me in one of the most embarrassing and pathetic moments in my life.

Before us stood people who were ready to pound the living daylights out of us for which reason I have no friggin’ idea.

Chances of survival: 0 or 2.5 if you count Paul’s kendo sword.

How did I get myself into this? I dimly wonder as Baldy lifted his boot to bring it down on my head.

It all started when I met Fly.


He was dressed in white shirt, black pants, matching vest complete with a Fedora hat and tap shoes. He was going all out with these sick moves that will make Fred Astaire sign him in as his next partner.

He was Fly, the new student in my high school and tap dancing outside Old Farmer’s supermarket. It was the first time we met and I was filming him.

He finished his routine by tossing his umbrella up in the air with his foot and then spun around and caught it in time with a blinding smile and a flourish. A shower of coins and the occasional bill rewarded him which he caught in his hat.

“That was amazing!” I gaped at him in admiration, hitting the pause button.

Suddenly a stunning blonde in a knockout little dress shoved me aside causing me to momentarily lose my grip on my camera. Thankfully, I caught it before it could continue its future Odyssey towards becoming metal debris.

“Hey!” I cried out but she had already disappeared into the supermarket.

My face and Fly’s expanded like pancakes on the small screen as I adjusted the equipment, checking for injuries.

“So in which part of the movie will you put my moves?” he asked.

“Probably in the beginning. I’m thinking the sounds of the tap shoes go first. The screen is still blank, no credits nothing. They escalate louder and louder, just that beat until we see a close-up of your shoes and boom! your first appearance.”

“Sounds great.”

I thanked him for allowing me to film his dancing and put the camera back in my backpack. He picked up his box and just stood there, looking wistfully inside Old Farmer’s.

“The guys you’re meeting, they’re not bullies from school, right?” I asked.

“They’re friends I haven’t seen for a long time.” Then he abruptly turned to walk away.

“Seems like you’re running away from seeing them.”

That stopped him. “I always do.”

“Do what?”

“Run away.”

….End of Excerpt. If you’d like to know what happened next, you can email me ksirine.yu at the gmail joint.

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