Live Out of the Box

This is a blog of a writer starting out on her journey and chasing her dream.

Being trapped in a box is anathema to me so I always wish to get out of it. Being often inside your comfort zone is simply existing, not living. We must continually look for ways to challenge ourselves and to push past our limits.

I am very passionate about living life out of the box and continue to look for paths not many dare to tread (read my About page for more details). So besides writing about my journey, I will also share with you some articles on writing, traveling, productivity, life choices in ways that will challenge our normal ways of thinking and allow us to live life out of the box.

Thanks for dropping by. Today’s Flavor of the Week is:

How To Cope with Rejection and Boost Your Self-Esteem

Most sites just write about either rejection and self-esteem. The two go together, dammit! Once you’ve gone past your rejection, you look for ways to get you back on track, back on the wheel. So here I’ve decided to tackle both and share my ways in how I was able to go from feeling zero to hero.

It’s back to school for me and with a 9-6pm teaching workload the postings may not be as frequent as last week.

Currently, I’m also experiencing reconnecting with what drew me to writing in the first place for this week. I’m going to soak up information, stories and lots of stories. See more about it in this post: Writer’s block or Unblock- Can You Have Dinner with Shakespeare excerpt.


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