I’m Floored! Some Happy Writing News

Today started like any other day. I opened my email to check on that joke letter my friend sent me.

Then I saw it.

Lordy Lord.

It was from an editor of a magazine I sent a query to. Unlike earlier actions, this time I didn’t have a single negative thought about ‘rejection’. I’ve been reconditioning my mental program for this day. Instead I opened it with some positive thoughts and a flicker of hope.

Holds breath.

Hi Kate,

……Sure, send it in . Happy to take a look at [your story].

I melt to the ground in rubbery giddiness.

Now the story’s not you know there yet, but at least the editor was interested to look at it. That’s a positive first step. And a good one in fact.

I never had that sort of letter before.

Dazed eyes. Saliva drips.

Alright Kate! Get back to reality.

Then I read another email and it was a comment from Rita Schiano, a real life breathing author of Painting the Invisible Man, the voice who talked so passionately about writing and muses in this podcast that brought out a lot of different ranges of emotions in me (from surprise, to gushing, to tears) and inspired me all the more about writing. You can read her comment in my Contact page.


This was so surreal. I was so scared my grin would get any more wider and I’d end up looking like Heath Ledger’s the Joker minus the green hair.


This morning I attempted a trial run of a live out of the box lifestyle experiment –the 7 days without a negative thought. I’ve first heard about this in a Tony Robbins audio and thought that being a positive person, this might be relatively easy for me to do. In fact it was so easy that I got a headache during breakfast just trying to be conscious of my thoughts and trying to filter the negative ones. Unfortunately, the more I did it, the more they sprung up. So it was harder than I originally thought. I tend to be more negative than I positively thought.

Tomorrow is another busy teaching day. 4 2-hour classes straight –the busiest in my week so far. I’m hoping to edit my draft on my writing mentor this Wednesday and post it up.

In case you’re wondering, you can find the excerpt of the short story in question in this post: Writer’s Block or Unblock and Dinner with Shakespeare excerpt.

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    5 thoughts on “I’m Floored! Some Happy Writing News

    1. matthewdryden says:

      That’s funny you should claim 7 days with out a negative thought. I’m /trying/ to do that myself (without much success). We shall we, we shall see.

      Congratulations on getting a response from the editor! This is indeed a time to celebrate successes, no matter what size!

    2. ksyu says:

      Thanks Mathew! I still get the dazed happy feeling whenever I look at that letter. “Did that really happen?”

      What a coincidence that you should also try 7 days. When did it start? Even I’m struggling myself and it’s just my second day (trial of course)! Maybe we go through a detox period first then it gets easier once we’re on the fourth day.

      Now I know you don’t believe the secret but I can’t help but connect the signs.
      I’m looking for a writers group, then you blog about forming one.
      Then when I’m trying out the 7 days without a negative thought, you’re trying it out too.

      Life is indeed interesting..

      I’m thinking, why don’t we do this 7 days of positive thinking together and maybe get some people to join us? Kind of like a group experiment and blog about our experiences? Either way, we’d get to go through a life changing event.

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