The Muse and I

The muse and I have a love and hate relationship.

I should be grateful for the muse for all of the ideas she’s given me which I’ve written below but she has been fickle lately. One day I got all these rush for ideas, the next I’m back to struggling with writing my latest short story. I’ve learned not to force it though and only write when I feel like it which isn’t often. The reason is probably the diet I’ve been feeding her. Lately, I haven’t been reading any compelling or powerful or even-have-you-up-at-dawn-with-the-veins-of-your-eyeballs-popping kind of books. Which is why she’s gone back to her anger management therapy sessions wailing that I’ve been starving her to death.

So while I hunt for some good books, here is a ploy to entice her back again by listing her gifts that I’m grateful for:

Reading the short story The Note-takers by Vanessa Gebbie gave me an inspiration for a character who got me excited to explore his story. Her piece reminded me of Margaret Atwood’s The Sin Eaters only the focus wasn’t on them eaters. Damn. I wanted it to be. It was very fascinating reading about people who ate sin for a living.

Reading Mommy Says I’m Pretty on the Insides gave me my first inspiration for a short story in the horror genre. Now I’m all 100% pussy and 0% Hercules complex. Ghosts, demons, spirits, you name it, I believe it. I’ve seen spirits possession before and have yet to witness an exorcism (I’ve only seen house exorcism). But my muse wants this so (sigh). It’ll be interesting what this one will bring in regards to fresh experience and my growth as a writer treading paths not many would want to tread, trying out some new experiments and insights.

Talking with The Mentor had also fired up a lot of writing neurons. He gave me the message. You’re free! Be yourself! Surrender yourself to the art! I re-read my earlier short story Illusions Do Not Exist (called Sex with Fairies in this blog) after our talk and discovered it needed a major draft overhaul. I mean 100% total revision of the plot, the storyline, the works. I had already rewritten the whole story twice, it would go back to the oven again.

It had lacked meat, the ability to touch people, some sort of timeless emotions that they could connect to. Re-reading it right there, I hit on the title that would encapsulate it. How to finally instill the emotion, explores the reason why some people can get so caught up in fantasy and their own delusions that they don’t realize the reality of their situation.

I’m looking forward to what shape this will take.

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