Let’s Get Fit!-Off Topic

A letter from our college promoting the latest fad that ever hit academia.

Dear Colleagues,


We are starting a new program this year to help get & keep all faculty and staff fit
and well.  We are even going to give all participants prizes for exercising.

In short, ____ has challenged the Faculty and Staff of   _________ to
a fitness dual…..and we intend to win.  Also, while participating in this challenge
you can earn a pedometer and a t-shirt for your efforts.


This really cracked me up. I just wish they’d rewards us a cool, oh let’s say $60 million which the rumored amount that was promised to Monica Lewinsky to make her lose 60 pounds then I’d definitely join. And what the heck is a pedometer?? And why would I want one while sweating my guts out?

Now I’ve sent a letter to my colleagues dazzling in its splendor of sarcasm proclaiming that I’d gladly join the program if they reward me with a cool million bucks like what the Jenny Craig fitness agency did to Lewinsky a few years back.

Unfortunately, for some reason they didn’t get it.

And now they all think I AM the ultimate champion of fitness.

They even came to drop by and apologize why they can’t join the fitness competition.

It boggles the mind.

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Fit!-Off Topic

  1. June Saville says:

    Kate: I just dropped in after leaving a reply to yours on Journeys in Creative Writing. If you looked at my blog number two 70 Plus and Still Kicking you’d learn that I like to be fit too. I am 70 plus and just bought a bicycle which I’m determined to ride up the hill near my place in order to reach further fields beyond. Wish me luck.
    June in Oz

  2. ksyu says:

    @June: Hey, it’s great you’re keeping fit! Good luck on reaching that hill! 🙂

    Honestly, I later realized that letter was a wake up call for me to get up my butt and moving! Now I’m thinking of signing up for some pingpong lessons.

    @Mathew: Keep on going! You’ll get there!

    In fact reading your comments has inspired another blog post from me if I can get the other 3 ideas I had in paper.

  3. Friar says:

    Nothing’s more popular than a fat celebrity losing weight.

    Fergie. Monica. Kirstie. Star Jones.

    You know what…? Pay ME the big bucks and I’ll lose weight too!

    If I didn’t have to work in a cubicle-office, and I could afford to stay home and work out 4 hours a day with my own personal trainer, I’d probably look pretty good too!

  4. Kate says:

    Lol. 🙂 During lunch today at the common room, I spied this tabloid with the cover on how Janet Jackson lost weight.

    If money is enough incentive for us to go to work to jobs we don’t even enjoy, what more if this is used as motivation to make us look good and be healthy?

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